ABM: Automated Banking Machine, also known as ATM or Automated Teller Machine

Acquirer: Transaction Processing Service provider receiving transactions from ABM and POS devices

Consent Order: Government mandate that allowed the provision of Interac Services to be open to non-financial institutions

EMV: Also known as Chip Cards. EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa.

Foreign: Issuer transactions from cardholders other than those of the Issuer (financial institution). For example, other Interac Members, Cirrus, etc.

Host Link: communications between Switch and Issuer's computer system

Hot Card Flagging: The ability to flag a card on an Issuer switch to prevent it's current use for transaction authorization (lost, stolen etc.)

IDP: Interac Direct Payment also known as Point-of-Sale (POS)

ISO: Independent Sales Organization - provides service to non-financial institution locations to supply ABM or POS devices and associated services. Now also known as IAD (Independent ATM Deployer).

Issuer: Financial Institution who issues Interac® cards to their account holders

MAC: Message Authentication Code - used to verify message received without disruption or tampering

On Us: Issuer transactions from the Issuers cardholders (see Foreign)

POS: Point-of-Sale also known as Interac Direct Payment (IDP)

Real-time Monitoring: Service to detect switch and device errors and generate alerts for service response

SCD: Shared Cash Dispensing, the original name of the Interac Service for Cash Withdrawals at an ABM.

Stakeholder: an investor or other party involved financially in the placement of ABM or POS devices at locations

Stand-In: Issuer service where the switch provides the authorization or denial of transactions when the Issuer's Host system is unable to reply. Transactions processed in Stand-In mode are stored & forwarded (S&F) to Issuer when Host Link is active again.

Switch: computer system processing transactions received from ABM and POS devices

Triple DES: Enhanced Data Encryption Standard.

White Label: non-financial institution owned ABMs and POS devices, also known as Private Label

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