On-Line's issuer switch provides ABM and POS transaction processing to Canadian Financial Instituions. Our processing networks are located in a secure facility. On-Line staff have the ability to remotely respond to any issues that arise through our on call scheduling, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Transactions initiated at Interac® devices by cardholders are routed to On-Line's switch for authorization. If the host system is unavailable, our 'Stand-In' services will provide your cardholders with 99.9% system availability. All transactions processed in stand-in mode are sent to the host system through store and forward (S&F) as soon as the connection is active.

If your institution operates ABMs and/or POS devices and you wish to provide service to Interac® cardholders, your devices can be connected directly to On-Line's switch to process both On-Us (your cardholders) and foreign transactions.

Our system also provides daily reporting, real-time access for monitoring and hot-card procedures.

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